The National Government relaunched the program to encourage the registration of domestic staff and signed a DNU that allows the workers who are registered, for up to 16 hours a week, can access retirement rights and have unemployment insurance for two months in case of being fired.

President Alberto Fernández led the relaunch act at the Casa Rosada, where he stressed that the State covers 50% of the salary of the domestic worker for six months in the case of employers with income less than the Minimum Non-Taxable Income Tax.

“Today we are expanding the scope of this Program because it was successful. The State paid part of the salary for a while and 8 out of 10 people stayed working without State aid: so today we deepen it to give more rights“, held.

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Through this Program, the National State will maintain “50% of the labor salary for 6 months and employers with an income less than the minimum non-taxable income tax, will transfer the remaining percentage along with contributions, contributions and ART” .

Registered “is extended until December 31, 2023 and it is expanded for greater inclusion, since it defines priority populations for hiring with benefits for 8 months: transvestite, transsexual and transgender workers; with disabilities; with sons, daughters or sons with disabilities; and holders of the Accompany program of the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity,” they explained.

Regarding the unemployment benefit for workers in private homes, The Executive explained that after modifying Laws 24,013, 25,239 and 26,844 with a decree, it will be granted “for two months and compatible with other social benefits since, until today, in accordance with current regulations, workers in private homes are excluded from unemployment coverage”.