The National Administration of Social Security (Anses) enables all its offices from today for face-to-face registration and without shift to the Food Reinforcement of 45,000 pesos. This bonus is intended for people between 18 and 64 years of age, in conditions of extreme vulnerability, who do not have any type of income and do not receive any benefit, allowance or social program from the national, provincial or municipal State.

The reinforcement will be paid in two installments of 22,500 pesos in November and December, and the payment of the first one will begin on Monday, November 14, due to the completion of the document. Likewise, the people who register must complete a sworn statement, which will be evaluated together with their consumption, assets and assets.

Who can apply for Reinforcement?

People who do not have a registered job (in a dependency relationship, self-employed, from private homes, monotributistas and social monotributistas), nor pensioners and/or contributory or non-contributory pensions (both national, provincial and municipal) may register.

Those who receive an unemployment benefit, are beneficiaries of the Enhance Work plan or a Progress Scholarship or the Pregnancy Allowance for Social Protection or Social Programs (both national, provincial or municipal) will not be able to access it. In the same way it will be for those who have daughters and/or sons who receive the Universal Allocation for Daughter and Son or Family Salary.

Those who sign up may not have registered in their name: vehicles (cars, motorcycles and others) that are less than 10 years old, real estate, credit and/or debit card consumption in the last two months; fixed terms and bonds in the last six months; accreditations in bank accounts in the last two months; purchases in foreign currency in the last six months; or have a social or prepaid work.

In the case of people between the ages of 18 and 24, the socioeconomic control will also be carried out on their family group.