Registration for a new call for proposals from Argentina Program 4.0, an initiative that will train 70,000 Argentines in tools related to software to promote job placement in the technology sector, will be enabled next Tuesday, November 22.

It is estimated that around 10,000 jobs in knowledge industry services there are vacancies in the local market every year and Argentina Programa comes to fill some of that deficit of suitable candidates to occupy those positions so coveted for their high salaries and excellent benefits.

Driven by the Knowledge Economy Secretariat of the National Ministry of Economythis edition will offer various Programming and Testing courses for which 250,000 vacancies will be opened to those who obtain a score equal to or greater than 6 in the entrance exam. For their part, those who do not reach the minimum score may choose other courses within the range of “basic digital skills”.

All the courses will be taught through platforms provided by the 40 Academic Units that participate in the program. Those who wish to sign up must only be Argentine residents, over 17 years of age and have a secondary degree.