On January 18, Valeria Oviedo, A 21-year-old girl was found murdered in a field in the town of Sacana, Despeñaderos area. After the autopsy, it was determined that she died after receiving four blows to her head and she showed no signs of sexual abuse.

The accused of femicide is Luis Alberto Luduena (38)a trucker known to the girl’s mother, who is being held in Bouwer.

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Almost a month later, relatives of Valeria marched in front of Patio Olmos to demand justice. Romina, her aunt, “How can it be that with so many cameras and police it took so long to locate a truck where my niece was?“, he said. And he added:” We want the search protocols to be changed.

“We did not know the relationship that Valeria had with Ludueña, we do not have much contact with the mother,” he explained.

In turn, the father spoke with Channel C and asked that Justice act quickly: “It is investigating whether there was another culprit. We do not understand why they killed her, left a family torn apart.

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Coverage: Ariel Zalio