Nahuel Granja Coverage

Governments, organizations defending human rights, trade unions and various groups will hold events and mobilize on Friday in different parts of the country to remember that 47 years ago a coup d’état interrupted democratic life in Argentina, pay homage to its victims and support the claims of justice.

To respect order, the march will be led by Human Rights organizations, followed by Civil Society organizations, artists’ groups, unions and unions, followed by the Student Movement, social groups and, finally, political parties.

In a statement, the agency declared: “We believe that the peoples fighting for justice and our sovereignty strengthen democracy, for that reason, this March 24, Democracy is a Flag.”

In Córdoba Capital, the central mobilization is organized by the Córdoba Human Rights Working Group and will begin at 5:00 p.m. The mobilization will depart from Colón and Cañada avenues, towards the stage located on Hipólito Yrigoyen avenue, at the height of the former Vélez Sarsfield square.

The streets involved will be cut off along the route accompanied by municipal traffic control.