It should be clarified that it is not a complete brake, but rather focused on the pick-up assembly line, which manufactures the Renault Alaskan and the Nissan Frontier. They hope that the conflict will be resolved tomorrow.

The president of the Chamber of Metallurgical Industrialists, Gustavo Del Boca, explained to Radio Miter Córdoba that it is a union conflict between the Single Union of Argentine Tire Workers (Sutna) as a result of the salary claim that it has maintained since May with the three Bridgestone manufacturers. , Pirelli and Fate. “It is always a concern, the serious thing about all this is that we need these vehicles to bring in dollars. It is a complex situation and if we add the lack of diesel, combo ”, he indicated.

Apart from the problem that Argentina has to supply tires that are lacking for private vehicles and this conflict in the three companies that produce tires in the country, another one is added: imported inputs. Through Communication A7466, published at the beginning of March, the Central Bank established that those who had access to the foreign exchange market 90 days after the officialization of the import clearance, would now have it only after 180 days.

If Nissan and Renault stop, all the metallurgical companies that supply them stop. “The entire value chain is affected because if cars are not produced, the other products are not delivered.”

It should be noted that the Santa Isabel plant produces about 120 trucks daily and by 2022 they projected the incorporation of more than 500 employees for the production of trucks.