A report by the Institute of Economic Research (IIE) of the Córdoba Stock Exchange indicated that two years after the sanction of the Rental Law, prices rose up to 95 points above inflation. The most affected area was Greater Buenos Aires, where there was an increase of 241% within 24 months.

The rise in rents exceeded, throughout the country, the inflation of 146% accumulated since July 2020. In the City of Buenos Aires, rental prices increased 185% between July 2020 and June 2022, that is, , 39 percentage points above inflation.

Regarding the interior of the country, Rosario registered an increase of 187%, while Córdoba, 169%.

Rental prices rose to 95 points above inflation • Channel C
Source: IIE on the basis of BCRA, INDEC and Zonaprop.

The data contrasts with the reality of the two years prior to the sanction of the new regulations. Before the current law, between July 2018 and June 2020, inflation accumulated 122% and rents rose below.

In the City of Buenos Aires, rents increased 84%. Despite being the area with the highest rise, it was 38 percentage points below inflation. In Greater Buenos Aires the rise was between 70% and 75%; in Rosario it was 60% and in Córdoba it was 67%.