The Productive Recovery and Support Program (Repro) will open this Monday its registration for wages earned this month, which will last until May 1, as determined by the Ministry of Labor.

It also includes the Emergency and Extraordinary Assistance Program for fruit and related producers in the departments of General Roca, Avellaneda, Pichi Mahuida and El Cuy in the province of Río Negro and those of Añelo and Confluencia in Neuquén.

The months selected for the calculation of the interannual variation of the invoicing required by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) will be March 2019 and 2022, but the invoicing for companies started after January 1, 2022 should not be considered. 2019.

Likewise, the month selected to determine the payroll of personnel and the reference salaries will be last March. Meanwhile, the payroll cutoff update cutoff and the CBU cutoff will be until April 23.

The new Repro consists of an individual monetary allocation to be paid to male and female workers, on account of the payment of remuneration by the employers who are members of the Program.

This amount will be equivalent to 50% of the total remuneration up to a maximum of 50% of the SMVyM, which is currently $38,940. To receive the allowance, employees must not receive remuneration higher than four times the minimum wage, that is, $155,760 in April.

This assignment will be granted for a period of three months and the employer may access the program for a maximum of two periods, consecutive or not, within three years counted from the beginning of the first period granted.

Source: Ministry of Labor