Legislators from the Frente de Todos (FdT) rejected this Monday the statements of the senator of Together for Change (JxC) Luis Juez, who considered the Argentines as “a people of shit” that is “more ferocious” with “the players” of the Argentine soccer team than with the political “leadership” of the country.

In statements to La Nación+, Judge indicated on Sunday that there is a part of society that has “prepared the quilombo” in case the country is left out of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but that “does not move from home” when “it They rob the country.”

“We Argentines are screwed, what a shitty people, we demand much more from a soccer team than from the leaders,” said the JxC senator and a reference to the Civic Front of Córdoba.

“The judge believes that you are part of a shitty town,” said the senator of the Frente de Todos (FdT) for Buenos Aires Juliana Di Tullio on her Twitter account.

The deputy of the FdT of Córdoba Gabriela Estévez stressed that Judge “has sadly accustomed us to this type of expressions.” “He did it with respect to the gay community, he did it by using Bolivian citizenship as if it were an insult, he did it by insulting the Ecuadorian people when he was ambassador there,” Estévez listed in dialogue with Télam.

The FdT senator for Tucumán Pablo Yedlin also replied to Judge via Twitter: “We were not and we are not (shit town), we have a past of greatness and a future full of hope.”