The National Government renewed the Incentive Program for the Pre-Sale of National Tourist Services “Pre-2022 Edition”. As in previous years, the objective of the program is to promote national tourism and the consumption of services in the sector through the return of 50% in credit of what was spent on tickets, accommodation or tourist packages.

The beneficiaries of the program may be any resident of Argentina over 18 years of age. They must have CUIL and/or CUIT and be registered in the Mi Argentina application.

Purchases that generate refunds in credits must be made in a previous period that the Ministry of Tourism did not inform at the moment. The activities covered by the Pretrip are:

  • Passenger transport services (trains; urban automobile; car rental; short, medium and long distance buses; travel tours; excursions; air; river, sea and lake).
  • Lodging in hotels, inns, campsites and similar residences, except by the hour.
  • Travel agency.
  • Museums, historical places, guided tours, national parks, zoos, amusement parks.

Excluded from this benefit are wholesale purchases of services, “payment at destination”, domestic accommodation and services provided in the beneficiary’s place of residence.

As in previous years, the beneficiary must access the program website, enter and credit the receipts for advance purchases and/or air or land tickets within the platform, according to the corresponding trip or concept and under the established modality.

Then, the beneficiaries will receive a credit coupon that they can spend on accommodation, travel agencies, transportation, tour guides, excursions, gastronomy, regional products, cinemas, theaters, among others.

In other years, the credit coupon was delivered through a prepaid card or the BNA+ app.

The credit will be valid until December 31, 2022.