Territorial appropriation began in 2012when GNI began to develop a subdivision project in the mountains. However, when that project was not commercially profitable, the company bought the lower part of the hill and continued with the project, now known as Embalsine Mood.

The separate company owns a subdivision of luxury houses on top of the hill and on the shores of the lake, but even so it has caused damage to the community and its surroundings.

According to testimonials from neighbors, GNI controls a quarter of the hill. From the fighting space, it was commented that the last failure of Villa Maria gave the reason for the complaint and that it is necessary to investigate more about the case. GNI spread the word that they were going to open the road but now there are barbed wire fences.

In any case, prior to the decision of the Justice of Rio TerceroFaced with the neighborhood complaint about the situation of the road that surrounds the mountain, the company began distributing brochures and information saying that they were building or renovating the path used to surround the hill.