The Pregnancy, Perinatal and Childhood Health Directorate will offer activities in different hospitals, aimed at health teams.

From May 15 to 21, the World respected childbirth weekwhich aims to make visible the rights of pregnant people and their babies at the time of delivery and the puerperium.

Within this framework, the Department of Pregnancy, Perinatal and Childhood Health of the Ministry of Health will offer the talk “Health is giving birth free of violence: golden childbirth and golden hour” in different hospitals, in line with the slogan proposed The OMS. The initiative is addressed to health teams from each center.

The activity will take place in hospitals: Florencio Díaz, on Monday; Eva Perón from Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, on Tuesday; Maternal Neonatal, on Thursday; and in the New Maternity, on Friday. The proposal will take place at 10:30, with the exception of the Eva Perón Hospital, which will be at 11:30. Pre-registration is not required.

In addition, on Wednesday the central virtual meeting “Proyecto Parto de Oro” will be held, an initiative organized together with UNICEF, to share and develop guidelines on respectful childbirth. This includes aspects related to equipment and also that related to the training of health teams, to continue improving the delivery rooms of each institution.

In this regard, it should be noted that the Nueva Maternidad Provincial has 10 UTPR (Labor and Recovery Units), which allow pregnant women to have the space, comfort and privacy to calmly go through the entire delivery process, accompanied by always for the person they decide.

According to the National Law, pregnant people have the right:

  • To be informed about the different medical interventions that can take place during childbirth and postpartum, and to actively participate in decisions about the different alternatives.
  • To be considered as healthy people, so that their participation as the protagonist of their own birth is facilitated.
  • To a birth that is respectful of biological and psychological times, avoiding invasive practices and the supply of medication that are not justified.
  • To be informed about the evolution of their delivery, the state of their son or daughter and, in general, to be made participants in the different actions of the professionals.
  • Not to be subjected to any examination or intervention whose purpose is research.
  • To choose who accompanies them during labor, delivery and postpartum.
  • To have their son or daughter by their side during their stay in the health facility, provided that the newborn person does not require special care.
  • To be informed, from the pregnancy, about the benefits of breastfeeding and receive support to breastfeed.
  • To receive advice and information about caring for herself and the baby.

Contact: People interested in getting more information or do some consultation You can contact the Department of Pregnancy, Perinatal and Childhood Health at: [email protected].