Dardo Pereyra heads the pro-government list seeking to retain the mayor’s office, while Alicia Giubergia seeks her fourth municipal term

In the municipal elections of Pasco, the current mayor Daniel Delbono will not seek re-election, but he will run for a seat in the Deliberative Council as part of the list headed by Dardo Pereyra, a leader of the Juntos Por Pasco party. The ruling party will seek to retain the mayor’s office in this electoral contest.

On the other hand, Alicia Giubergia, a former mayor of Pasco who held office for three terms between 1995 and 2007, is running as a candidate for the Federal Neighborhood Unit. Giubergia seeks to occupy the municipal office again and will face Pereyra in a political contest that she promises to be close.

According to the figures of the past elections in 2019, it is expected that around a thousand residents of Pasco will participate in this election, where they will be able to elect the mayor or mayor, the councilors and the tribunes of accounts of the municipality. The outcome of this election will determine the political future of Pasco and its direction for years to come.

James Temple:

Marcos Ferace seeks re-election facing Elvio Mondino

In the Santiago Temple commune, in the Río Segundo de Córdoba department, municipal elections will be held with two competing lists. The current Peronist mayor, Marcos Ferace, seeks his reelection by heading the list “We Do United for Córdoba.” His main opponent is Elvio Mondino, a representative of the “Neighborhood Action Movement.”

Marcos Ferace, who has the support of the mayor of Córdoba, Martín Llaryora, is running to remain in office. At the end of May, Ferace denounced that unknown persons entered his home with the intention of threatening him so that he would abandon his candidacy. A note found in his house with the message “Get off or death” led Ferace to point directly at one of his opponents, Elvio Mondino.

Elvio Mondino represents the neighborhood allied to Together for Change and seeks to return to the mayorship after four years. Mondino has as a direct reference the four consecutive terms that he held between 2003 and 2019.

Santiago Temple, with a population of approximately 2,800, is the largest town in the region that will elect authorities in the upcoming elections.


Marcos Ferace (United by Santiago Temple) was re-elected. He obtained more than 60% of votes against Elvio Mondino, from the Neighborhood Action Movement.


In the department of Río Cuarto, the commune of Washington is preparing for the local elections. With a population of just under 600 inhabitants, this town has become a key scenario for the ruling party (JxC), which seeks to sustain power with the candidacy of María Marta Quinteros. His main opponent will be Ariel Martínez, United for Washington candidate, who seeks to wrest power from the ruling party.

This electoral contest will be a heads-up between the two local political forces, and the result will determine the future of the commune of Washington and its direction in the coming years.


The radical leader, María Marta Quinteros, retained the communal power of Washington for Together for Change, obtaining 52% of the votes against 47% for Ariel Quinteros, of United for Washington.