The Fedecom (Commercial Federation of Córdoba) published this Monday its monthly survey on the behavior of retail sales in SME businesses in the province: during the month of September there was a fall of 5.4% compared to the same month of the previous year, thus deepening its downward performance.

“It is worth remembering that in September 2021, compared to September 2020, sales had increased 3.7%,” the statement said. About the reasons that prompted this behavior, the president of Fedecom, Ezequiel Cerezo, explained: “Inflation and the loss of the purchasing power of wages keep families cautious when it comes to consuming and resolving purchases that are necessary”.

“This can be seen in the high incidence of payment by credit card”, added to refer to the 75% of transactions were made on credit and only 25% in cash.

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Of the 11 items surveyed by the entity, only Perfumery and Pharmacy they showed positive performances in the year-on-year comparison regarding the quantities sold. These are the comparisons:

  • – Food and beverages (-5.9%);
  • – Sports and recreation articles (-4.7%);
  • – Footwear and leather goods (-6.1%);
  • – Household appliances and electronic items (-7.3%);
  • – Pharmacy (0.5%);
  • – Hardware, electrical materials and construction materials (-1.7%);
  • – Clothing (-5.0%);
  • – Toy and book stores (-5.8%);
  • – Furniture and decoration (-6.5%);
  • – Tires and spare parts (-14.2%);
  • – Perfumery and cosmetics (1.3%).

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Cerezo also referred to the wage conflict in the tire sector. “The delay in the resolution of the joint negotiation ended up affecting the stock of the businesses that were already missing, and therefore the level of sales”, He said to mention that this item was precisely the one that had the most traction in the general decline, a situation that had been observed months ago. Finally, Cerezo explained that now all expectations are placed on the most convening event of the year: Mother’s Day, and also on “the incidence of the next XXL weekend”.