The most recent report from Fedecom (Commercial Federation of Córdoba) indicates that during the month of November, retail sales of SMEs in the province of Córdoba had an average drop of 4.1% compared to the same month of the previous year. . The situation is in contrast to last year’s measurement, since in the eleventh month of 2021, compared to November 2020, sales had increased 4.5%.

“We continue to see how the constant rise in prices and the loss of purchasing power of wages affect the performance of retail sales in general, but mostly in items that are related to basic needs,” analyzed Ezequiel Cerezo, president of Fedecom after the results of the commercialization were made known.

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Of the 11 items surveyed by the entity, only one was saved from the year-on-year drop and it comes hand in hand with the incidence of the World Cup in Qatar. The performance, when comparing the quantities sold, is as follows:

  • • Food and beverages (-6.7%);
  • • Sports and recreation articles (-1.8%);
  • • Footwear and leather goods (-4.5%);
  • • Home appliances and electronic items 3.2%;
  • • Pharmacy (-2.0%);
  • • Hardware, electrical materials and construction materials (-2.4%);
  • • Clothing (-5.1%);
  • • Toy store and bookstores (-4.4%);
  • • Furniture and decoration (-8.6%);
  • • Tires and spare parts (-10.9%);
  • • Perfumery and cosmetics (-1.3%).

Household appliances and electronic items showed a positive performance mainly due to the sale of televisions. Proof of this can also be observed when considering the high incidence that credit cards have in the total volume of purchases”. advanced Cerezo to make reference to that 76% of the transactions were made with plastics, and only 24% in cash.

In the same way, he again referred to the fact that inflation hits harder among low-income families and that allocate most of their income to food. “Food and beverages continue to accelerate their year-on-year decline”, remarked. Finally, she again emphasized the incidence that the import restrictions in sales, mainly in Tires and spare parts, the one with the highest year-on-year drop of the month.

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