The Commercial Federation of Córdoba (Fedecom) reported that in the month of March retail sales in the province registered a drop of 3.5% year-on-year, despite the fact that the third month of the year is usually strongly marked by related purchases. back to school. This is the fourth consecutive month with losses in the retail sector: the last time there were increases in the area was in November of last year, according to the aforementioned entity.

The agency indicates that “It is worth remembering that in March 2022, compared to March 2021, sales had increased 1.2%.” In this regard, Ezequiel Cerezo, president of Fedecom, said that “The first effects of the drought and the bad results of the harvests are beginning to be felt. The famous ‘spillover’ effect, in this negative case, which begins first in inland cities and then reaches large cities, thus adds to the consequences of the constant rise in prices and the consequent loss of purchasing power for families Cordoba generate in the sales of small and medium businesses“.

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The published survey indicated that only one of the 11 items surveyed by the entity, in the interannual comparison with respect to the quantities sold, showed improvement, related to the start of classes and educational activity. The rest were falls. The values ​​were:

  • • Food and beverages (-5.2%);
  • • Sports and recreation articles (-3%);
  • • Footwear and leather goods (-1.3%);
  • • Home appliances and electronic items (-3.5%);
  • • Pharmacy (-1.5%);
  • • Hardware, electrical materials and construction materials (-4.1%);
  • • Clothing (-3.2%);
  • • Toy store and bookstores 1.2%;
  • • Furniture and decoration (-4.8%);
  • • Tires and spare parts (-6.1%);
  • • Perfumery and cosmetics (-1.4%).

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On the other hand, it was also detailed that 54% of the transactions were made with a credit card, and 46% in cash, taking advantage of the discounts offered by merchants.