A report from Fedecom (Commercial Federation of Córdoba) prepared together with the attached chambers throughout the provincedetermined that retail sales registered a drop of 4.2% during the month of February compared to the same month last year, that is, on a year-on-year basis.

“The constant rise in prices and the consequent loss of purchasing power of Cordovan families is reflected in the sales performance of small and medium-sized businesses. Last month, despite the good level of tourist occupancy that the different mountain valleys had, despite the influx of visitors, especially during the long Carnival weekend, and despite the start of classes, all the surveyed items showed falls year-on-year in sales said Ezequiel Cerezo, president of Fedecom.

Added to this is the constant inflation registered throughout the country. It should be remembered that days ago The Grocers Center reported that in Córdoba, the consumer price index had increased almost 7 points in the second month of the yearvery far from the inflationary projection of 4% of the National Government.

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“Families have been measuring each of the purchases and deciding based on what they have what they are going to allocate the expense to,” Cerezo asserted.

According to the detail of the survey, the 11 items surveyed by the entity, in the interannual comparison with respect to the quantities sold, showed falls. The values ​​are the following:

  • • Food and beverages (-4.5%);
  • • Sports and recreation articles (-2.8%);
  • • Footwear and leather goods (-4.3%);
  • • Home appliances and electronic items (-3.8%);
  • • Pharmacy (-1.3%);
  • • Hardware, electrical materials and construction materials (-3.7%);
  • • Clothing (-4.8%);
  • • Toy store and bookstores (-3.2%);
  • • Furniture and decoration (-6.1%);
  • • Tires and spare parts (-5.2%);
  • • Perfumery and cosmetics (-4.1%).

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The report from the Fedecom Statistics Department also detailed that, in terms of payment methods, 65% of the transactions were made with a credit card, and 35% in cash, taking advantage of the offers and discounts offered by the businesses.