A report published this Sunday by the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME), reported that in December 2022 SME retail sales rose 2.7% in the year-on-year comparison at constant prices, breaking a streak of five consecutive months of decline. . The survey was carried out with 1,143 retail businesses throughout the country, between January 2 and 5.

With the exception of Textile and Clothing, all the items measured grew in December in the annual comparison, driven by the parties, meetings and meetings that usually take place during this month. In addition, the sectoral agreements made it possible to give businesses some peace of mind and predictability. A relatively contained price evolution fueled this increase in sales registered in December.

With this result, the evolution of SME retail sales closed with a growth of 1.4% compared to 2021. In this comparison, Textile and Clothing was the only sector that posted a fall, which was of the order of 8.5%. The other sectors presented increases. The most important was in Pharmacy and perfumery, 7.8%; Hardware, electrical and construction materials, 3.2%; and Food and beverages, 2.9%. This moderate dynamism is explained, in part, by the records in the first half of the year and by the momentum at the end of the year already mentioned.

In the sectoral analysis, they deduce that the Pharmacy and Perfumery item was once again the item with the highest annual variation rate in December (+15.7%), while Clothing and Textiles continued to register significant falls (-9.3% annual ). These same behaviors are observed when making the comparison with respect to the complete year.

Regarding food and beverages, sales grew 3.6% annually in December, 4.9% compared to November and closed 2022 with an increase of 2.9%. The businesses highlighted that in the last month of the year it sold well, there were no supply problems and it was observed that people were in a festive mood. For the first two months of 2023, 69% of the businessmen consulted expect sales to be maintained or continue to grow.

On the other hand, the category Bazaar, decoration, home textiles and furniture It marked that in December, sales grew 4.7% annually, 7.6% in the monthly comparison, and closed 2022 with an increase of 1.8%. Although the result was positive, the businesses highlighted that since it is an item that is more dispensable or postponed than others, sales in this sector were affected during the year by the loss of purchasing power of wages in the face of inflation.

On the other hand, what is footwear and leather goods pointed out that sales grew 1.6% annually, 7.4% in the monthly comparison, and ended the year with an increase of 1.6%. It was not a sector that was highly favored by the celebrations of winning the World Cup. On the contrary, said sporting event limited the days of sale and the time dedicated to these purchases by consumers.

You can read the full report by clicking on this link.

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