Retail sales grew 6% year-on-year in April and accumulated a rise of 7.6% in the first four months of the year, according to a report prepared by the Argentine Confederation of Medium-sized Enterprises (CAME). Compared to last March, April marked an improvement in sales of 0.3% in SME businesses.

It was “a quiet month in sales, but with surprises for the entrepreneur due to the permanent increases in prices and the difficulties in obtaining merchandise, especially in textiles, footwear and construction materials,” CAME said in a statement.

CAME specified that the elaboration of the SME Retail Sales Index was carried out based on the information provided by 980 businesses. In qualitative terms, 56.4% of the surveyed businesses said that their sales for the month were between good and very good (vs. 50.5% the previous month), and in terms of profits obtained, 42.2% rated them as good or very good.

By item, the largest year-on-year increases in April took place in Pharmaceuticals and perfumery (+13.6%), Hardware stores, electrical and construction materials (+7.7%) and Footwear and leather goods (+6.8%).