Retirees and pensioners who charge the minimum will receive a refund of 15% of the total amount of all purchases made with the debit cards in which they receive their assets.

They will receive a refund of $1,200 per month per beneficiary, an amount that rises up to $2,400 for those who receive up to a death pension, as long as it does not exceed the guaranteed minimum amount. The refund covers all products from retail and/or wholesale stores in mini, super and hypermarkets, kiosks, pharmacies and stores that are registered with the AFIP.

The amount to be refunded will be credited within 24 and 48 business hours after the purchase has been made on the same debit card.

Holders of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), holders of Pregnancy Allowances for social protection, people who receive a death pension that does not exceed the minimum and people who receive national non-contributory pensions can also access the reinstatement benefit. not exceed the minimum.