Through decree 215/2022, published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette, the Executive Branch explained that the “extraordinary subsidy for a maximum amount of $12,000 to be paid in May” will be paid to retirees of the Argentine Integrated Social Security System (SIPA). and beneficiaries of the Universal Pension for the Elderly.

It will also reach the beneficiaries of non-contributory pensions for old age, disability, mothers of seven children or more and other non-contributory pensions and ex gratia pensions whose payment is in charge of the ANSeS.

Likewise, it provided that for those holders who, for the sum of the assets of all their current benefits, receive an amount equivalent to up to $65,260.80, the extraordinary subsidy will be equivalent to $12,000. But for those who, for the sum of all their current benefits, receive an amount greater than that amount, the extraordinary subsidy will be equal to the necessary amount up to the sum of $77,260.80.

In the case of pensions, “regardless of the number of co-participants,” they will be considered “as a single owner for the purposes of the right to the extraordinary subsidy granted by this decree,” according to the official text. The extraordinary subsidy will not be subject to any discount or computable for any other concept.

The measure does not cover the Retirement and Pension Regimes of the Police Forces or the Penitentiary Service of the Provinces whose welfare systems were transferred to the National State, when it was their only benefit.


Source: National Government