City entities took action to destroy fireworks. Given the situation, Cecilia Marquez president of the Entity for Citizen Prevention and Environmental Management explained that it is material seized the previous year: “…we are carrying out the destruction of everything confiscated last year, remembering that our city has an Ordinance that prohibits everything related to the manufacture, storage, use and sale of any type of pyrotechnic sound device…”.

The official stated that the controls are being carried out while complaints are being received and assured that “…its main objective is the protection of human health, animals and the environment due to all the negative impact generated by the use of these devices…”.

On the other hand, the Director of Civil Defense, Javier de Olmos expressed the way of work carried out “… different types of verifications are carried out. At this moment we are working with complaints that the residents of the neighborhood send us, we verify and carry out the pertinent actions in all those cases where any type of pyrotechnics is detected.. .” also ensuring that “… from then on the Prosecutor’s Office acts, it is necessary to take into account the existence of Ordinance No. 645/17 that regulates the prohibition of the sale, storage and commercialization of these types of elements…”

It is important to remember that those who want report cases of fireworks, you can contact the phone 3584768460, option 1.