From the Entity for Citizen Prevention and Environmental Management They reported that traffic violations recorded by video surveillance cameras distributed throughout the city will begin to be notified in a preventive manner. This was confirmed by the President of the Entity Cecilia Márquez, who assured that a new digital system for the preparation of minutes also began to be implemented.

marquez determined that the actions are possible after signing an agreement with the Ministry of Security of the province of Córdoba to access the images related to accidents and/or traffic violations registered in the city. “This will have a purely preventive and educational purpose, not sanctioning for now, since the infractions will reach the homes of citizens.” “They will not receive a fine, but they will receive a notice that this sanction has been detected”he insisted.

The owner of the Entity He expressed his concern about the recorded images. “What we see on the cameras is really worrying, especially in the downtown area, where there is repeated disrespect for traffic lights or the pedestrian path, the use of places reserved for people with disabilities or double queues”he mentioned. “It is a great step since this tool is very precise and allows us to identify the domains of the vehicles to notify those responsible,” added.

marquez He also provided details of the application of the new digital system for the preparation of minutes. “They are cell phone equipment that has a built-in printer, which makes the procedure much more efficient”he expressed. “The inspectors will circulate with these teams and they will make the record with a photo of the infraction, its georeference with day and time plus the route taken by the agent,” added.

Once the record is drawn up, the information is sent online to Misdemeanors Courtwhich in addition to making the process more efficient allows keeping up-to-date statistics of all the operations carried out in the city.