The president of the PRO of Río Tercero, Daniel Rotti, released a statement on his social networks on Monday in which he harshly criticized the actions of the mayor of that town, Marcos Ferrer, a member of the UCR and a palpable candidate for re-election, who held a meeting with national personalities: the presidential candidate María Eugenia Vidal, and Rodrigo de Loredo, Luis Juez and Mario Negri from Cordoba.

Rotti maintained that the PRO of the city “will not participate” of the constitution of the board of Together for Change Río 3 “just for the photo”and attributed the meeting with Vidal to a “I try to show a non-existent unit and take over with municipal employees a meeting with neighbors that we had organized from this space. As a consequence, said event did not have the participation of the presidents of the Civic Front and the Civic Coalition.”

He also pointed out that Luis Juez “does not represent any of the values ​​of Together for Change”so they will not accept the gubernatorial candidacy that “the UCR and the Civic Front will impose us”. “We will give freedom of action to our members so that they individually take the political positions they deem appropriate.”

Río Tercero is the only city with PASO elections, which will take place on June 4 of this year. In that instance, Rotti ratified the participation of the local PRO “to represent this space that holds the pride of having governed Argentina”. Finally, he insists that “This political space deserves to be respected by locals and strangers, it is an exercise in responsibility and coherence.”