In the southern hemisphere we receive from this Wednesday, December 21, the season most anticipated by many: the summer solstice; while in the northern hemisphere winter is welcomed.

In addition to marking the longest day and the shortest night of the year, according to scientific estimates at 6:48:10 p.m., the sun will reach its greatest excursion -astronomical declination- with respect to the imaginary line of Ecuador.

Symbolically speaking, this date marks changes, advances and renewal; cycles that conclude and new stages that begin. Therefore we share the best rituals to go through this important stage.

Attract abundance at the time of Capricorn:

During the nights of December 21, 22 and 23, we prepare an altar with a golden (or yellow) candle and a handful of coarse salt. On a white piece of paper we write all the objectives that we want to achieve, whether in the labor or economic sphere; we fold it in two and place it next to the candle. We light the candle, repeat out loud three times the wishes that we write down on the paper and say “thank you thank you thank you”. When the candle goes out, we throw the salt in a pot or place with earth and burn the paper.

Drive away envy and bad vibes

We prepare an altar with a white candle, to light our way, and a violet (or purple) candle to transmute all the negative. Next to it we place a glass of water and a lavender or lemon incense.

After lighting the candles, we visualize ourselves wrapped in a white aura and we thank the Universe for allowing us to surround ourselves with positive energy. When we finish, we say: “Thank you thank you thank you”. When the candles go out, we pour the water into a pot or place with earth with our left hand.

At that time, it is ideal to take a discharge bath: when we finish showering, we throw a mixture of lavender-scented water from the neck down. In this way, we are already prepared to receive all the good and new things that the Universe has in store for us.