Robert De Niro arrived in the country and is preparing to shoot the series “Nada”, along with Luis Brandoni and Guillermo Francella. The American actor was photographed with Brandoni leaving the National Museum of Fine Arts, and it is estimated that it could be one of the locations chosen to record.

“Nada” is a project by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat that began recording at the end of April. In dialogue with the thirteen Brandoni previewed what this new project is about: “‘Nada’ is a bit like the character I’m going to play. It’s many and so many things that, ultimately, it’s nothing. A friend, who is an expert in gastronomy and who writes books, is going to come to Argentina to deliver the last book that my character is going to write”.

The filming of the series is scheduled to be recorded in different locations in the City of Buenos Aires, including Puerto Madero. “Nada” will have its official premiere in 2023 through the Star+El streaming platform.