on a sunny day Rodolfo Ranni talked with nahuel farm about his return to the theater with Pacha and Deliaa play in which he stars together with the singer and actress Ana Fontan.

The actor returns to Carlos Paz and to other places in the province for the summer season. When talking about the Town, He made sure he was happy to come back. “I am happy again here in Carlos Paz, in Córdoba because we travel the province. I am happy, happy to meet my friends again. Working, what are we going to do?”

He recognized that he feels the support of the public since it shows when they have a good time. “People enjoy it a lot, have fun, get excited. It’s a very enthusiastic audience.”

They also recalled the success of the one and a half year tour that took “The Cage of the Crazy”work in which he starred with Emilio Disi. The actor also said what “Córdoba is very dear to me, and the people of Cordoba also love me very much, I know that.”

Ranni was empathetic to those who had no chance to go to the theater. “There are people who could never come to the theater with Carlos Paz. They never even went to Buenos Aires to see a play, so let someone take the theater around the house… they get very excited. The people are very grateful, very kind because they kiss you and hug you and that is appreciated”.


Pacha and Delia It is the reunion of a love after twenty years, the open wounds and what must be said or silenced.

The story tells how, on any given day, after a prolonged absence, she and he meet. The piece questions about memories, love, feelings and hope. Delia teaches tango classes in a basement and Pacha He is a great dancer who returns from abroad to look for Deliahis dance partner from the past and the great absent from his consecration.

The play is presented every Monday in January and February at the Holiday Theater 2 in Villa Carlos Paz at 9:30 p.m. Meanwhile, on Fridays at 9 pm perform functions in the Royal Theatre in Cordoba capital.