Romina Gaetani and Facundo Arana knew how to be friends and share several casts. However, on the Ángel de Brito (LAM) program, the actress was surprised to declare that she did not have a good last experience working with the actor.

Gaetani explained that during the filming of the novel Night and day, she had to withdraw due to her addiction problems. And it was in that strip that there were “banging on the table” and moments of “screaming”. She even told her that he came to tell her: “If you were a man, I’d beat the crap out of you.” In addition, he recalled an episode in Carlos Paz and assured that the actor told him: “Put…falopera.”

Faced with these sayings, Arana came out to defend himself and asked that such a delicate issue not be trivialized. In turn, he said he was hurt because he loves Romina very much. Finally, he maintained that any step forward in this case will be disclosed through his lawyers.