Eva Sumaj Koller Carabajal, a 9-year-old girl, is wanted by the justice system. The little girl was with her father, Gonzalo Ismael, 35, who has shared custody and is also missing. They were last seen on July 8 in the city of San Lorenzo, province of Santa Fe.

The complaint was made public by the girl’s mother, singer Roxana Carabajal. The folklorist had expressed: “I had to go look for Eva. When I arrived, he had already left with his father. I thought they had gone on a trip, on vacation, but in their house in Carcarañá there were no clothes or some things from the house”.

“That Gonzalo realizes that everything is fine, that I am not going to do anything against him. We are going to help you. Just for him to tell us if Eva’s okay, that’s all I care about. Eva is 9 years old. As long as they tell me that she’s fine, I’m happy. It’s all I ask. gonzalo help me please”, he asked.

The Ministry of Security intervenes in the case, which through the Federal Search System for Missing and Missing Persons (SIFEBU) has spread the search, as has Missing Children.


Gonzalo Ismael Koller is 1.80 meters tall, with a slim physical build, dark complexion, short bald hair, brown eyes and shaved eyebrows. Eva Koller Carabajal is 1.10m tall, with a slim build, long black hair and brown eyes.

For any information contact the SIFEBU website or 134.

Source: From 12 to 14