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Rules from this week "Qatari dollar": how much will it cost?

The so-called “Qatar dollar” will start operating after deliberation and banking agreements. It will have a value of about $330, for which the most expensive price of all will be charged to foreign currency spent abroad, especially during the World Cup. This decision was taken within the framework of measures to try to contain the outflow of reserves.

Since the AFIP made it official on October 13, consumption of more than US$300 added a 25% surcharge, but it had to be made operational for users with more than one card at different banks.

To discourage spending with debit and credit cards in dollars, the Ministry of Economy added an additional perception on account of Personal Assets of 25% over the official dollar ($158.28), in addition to the pre-existing withholding of 30% of the PAIS tax and 45% on account of income tax. Thus, consumption from US$300 per month will be paid at $329, the highest price to date, above the MEP and counted with liquidity (CCL).

Implementing the new exchange rate included the preparation of a taxpayer registry based on the CUIT to analyze consumption in foreign currency and identify subjects likely to receive the 25% tax through the weekly exchange of information.

The banks are working around the clock to get the systems ready as soon as possible and expect it to be operational this week, the head of the association of foreign banks (ABA), Claudio Cesario, said.

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