This Monday morning in dialogue with the program Spich who drives Mimi Spicher in Radio Rock & Pop Cordoba, They were present Ruth Ahrensburggraduate in psychology and founder of the Civil Association “ConVoz, for a life without violence”; and Guadalupe Rivero, President and head of the fund development area of ​​the same foundation.

On this important day, the communicator together with the representatives of With voice They talked about the role of women, machismo, militancy, abortion, the different currents of feminism, struggles and disappointments, prejudices, the patriarchal system, among other topics.

“I believe that women have the responsibility to solve a problem that we have not created that is the issue of patriarchy. We have to solve a problem that falls on us for which we are not responsible nor do we have all the tools to solve it,” started the conversation Ahrensburg when talking about the importance of March 8. “It is a political decision by men to see how they are going to live their lives and collective lives from a place with less asymmetry, with more sensitivity, with more empathy, with fewer privileges and it really should not be easy to give up privileges, then the struggle is quite hard and it intensifies with the conquest of women”.

“I think that when they begin to renounce these privileges in a certain way, that not all of them are such privileges because some have also gone against the fact that man can express himself or that he can show himself as he is, or the idea that he cannot be sensitive. When we sometimes say that a woman is all sensitive and is tender and is weak in the imaginary, we even say that the strong and providing man goes forward and is not afraid and does not cry. Well, they are imaginary and also in some way they have restricted man’s freedom to be. So when it is seen as a privilege, they feel they are losing something, but also later when they chat they realize that they gain something by getting out of that place by questioning the place they occupy, because machismo has no gender, it is a culture that passes through all of us, only with different roles and some a little easier”, certified Spicher.

Against this point of view, ruth questions it and established that she considers that “It transcends the imaginary, I think they are ancestral mandates, that going out has a high cost for both men and women to get out of these mandates that we have of feminine stereotypes”.

When talking about the Foundation, explained that there was an evolution in the thought of women in Cordova since around 30 years ago, women were asking for help for their children for school issues, and in conversations with them, their conflicts came to light that in those times they were not called violence.

It was not until 2004after the femicide of Alice Muniz, that began the collective movement in which women began to claim for their rights.