The Government made official this Friday, through the Official Gazette, an increase in the hourly and monthly wages of domestic workers, applicable from April wages. It is a rise in three sections: 6% in April, 9% in May and 15% in June.

The National Commission of Workers of Private Houses remarked that while the first installment is not cumulative, in the rest the wages in force for the previous month will be taken as a basis to compute the sum.

In turn, a “review clause was agreed for the month of August 2022, after the meeting of the National Council for Employment, Productivity and the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salary.”

In addition to the increase, private house workers can register until May 5 on the Anses website to receive the $18,000 bonus, which will be paid in two installments. The benefit was announced by the Ministry of Economy on Monday of last week, with the aim of mitigating the impact of inflation on the most vulnerable sectors.