While Together for Change celebrates the suspension of the elections in San Juan and Tucumán for decision of the Supreme Court of Justicethe lawyer and opposition candidate from San Juan Marcelo Arancibia requested that the municipal and legislative elections in his district also be halted because they must be held “simultaneously with that of governor and vice president.”

The presentation to the Justice was made by the Agrupación Unidos por San Juan, former Together for Change (JxC), which announced that it will appeal the decision of the Provincial Electoral Tribunal to call elections for mayors, councilors and deputies. “We are presenting an appeal because the law indicates that the elections for provincial deputies must be held in conjunction with that of governor and vice president, so we understand that the Electoral Tribunal is violating the Constitution”assured arancibia in dialogue with radio Miter. Oscar Picturesa lawyer for the opposition coalition, explained that the Electoral Tribunal is violating article 185 of the Provincial Constitution which indicates that the election of governor and vice must be done jointly with that of the provincial deputies”.

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Arancibia blamed the candidates of the San Juan Front for All, Sergio Unac and Jose Luis Giojadue to the institutional crisis that the province is going through now. “Gioja, in 2011, taking advantage of public opinion support, amended the Constitution and created a disease, re-elections. This disease is what Uñac now has, knowing that he is not the candidate for a fourth consecutive term, he did it and has generated this crisis ”, development.

“We are convinced that Uñac cannot be a candidate for a fourth term consecutive of formula, as established by our Constitution”he continued, and stressed that he has sufficient arguments to also suspend the municipal elections. “Here is the Law of Lemas. In the dark room one is going to find 30 or 35 complete ballots, and this is going to be very confusing for the voter”, emphasized.

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