With dirt roads, the Provincial Honey Capital and a Hippie Museum, unique in the world, it has activities for the whole family.

Near Cruz de Eje, this little town is excellent to enjoy at a slow pace and away from stress.

In the downtown area, an old stone and adobe chapel from 1734 stands out, located in front of the main square Cacique Tulián. The artisan fair is held in this square, which stands out among the old colonial-style buildings and colorful facades.

Less than two kilometers away is the Hippie Museum, the only one in the world, which exhibits a sample of objects related to this countercultural movement born in the sixties.

Without light pollution or paved streets, this mountain corner is known at a different pace.

San Marcos Sierras is a protected natural area that invites you to enjoy its homonymous river. Walking along its banks, you can see mortars from native peoples, an irrigation ditch and an old mill. In addition to this, two hypothermal water sources await, unmissable to take a dip with mineral properties.

There are a series of highly recommended walks to do during the day. There is the one on Cerro de La Cruz, one of the icons of the town: from there, you can see a beautiful panoramic view of the sunset. Another similar option is the Espina and Cerro Alfa viewpoints.

Added to them is the inevitable tour of the vegetable tunnels: paths outlined by the canopy of wild trees where stalls of local craftsmen and producers are located.

Known and declared Provincial Capital of Honey, one of the best organic honeys in Córdoba is produced here.

How to get: By bus, it is possible to arrive with the companies Sarmiento and Ersa. By car, it is necessary to go along route E 53 and continue along Camino del Cuadrado towards RN 38. San Marcos Sierras is located about 130 kilometers from Córdoba Capital, in the Punilla Valley.