Santi Maratea did it again, after the millionaire collection to help the Corrientes firefighters and his recent announcement to help a Malvinas ex-combatant who needed a million pesos to undergo surgery, the influencer started a collection to help Fútbol Club Ezeiza.

The Influencer announced on his Twitter account about the new collection that he was starting.

However, the thing did not stop there, the influencer doubled the bet and proposed to start with this help and then go for something much bigger. “In a poor country like ours, schools are no longer places where only teaching is done and clubs are no longer places where games are only played,” he reflected in his stories. “If we raise three million pesos we can help two clubs,” he explained later.

The idea is to start with a collection for Club Ezeiza and then continue with other institutions that are in a similar situation to this club. “Just like with Corrientes, we wanted to equip a fire station and we equip 24. Well, the same, but with neighborhood clubs,” Maratea explained so that his followers would understand where he was pointing.

In principle, the collection begins with 1.5 million pesos to be able to rent to Fútbol Club Ezeiza a place in another club for two years, since the place where they train has many deficiencies.