While Analysis of remains found in the Piedras Blancas burial site continues to determine whether or not they are human, the investigation for the murder of Anahí Bulnes continues its course. The only accused and detained since last December 26, Santiago Campos Matoswas subjected to a series of psychological and psychiatric tests that revealed that the defendant is imputable.

As determined, Campos Matos understood and directed his actions and the criminality of his acts, and that he does not suffer nor did he suffer from any psychopathological indicator that prevented Campos Matos from understanding what he did. In addition, the specialists detailed that the defendant’s personality is “impulsive, aggressive and lacking in empathy”, as is often seen in the profiles of other criminals. But also, the alleged femicide would have -always according to the results of the expert opinion- “possible sadistic characteristics”.

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The plaintiff lawyer Daniela Morales, representative of Anahí’s family, said in a dialogue with Radio Universidad that the result of the expert opinion “is not surprising”: “The results on Matos’s personality is nothing that surprises us because we understood that it was like that from the beginning.” Now they are waiting for the request for preventive detention for Campos Matos to be formalized.