The National Homemade Salami Festival in Oncativo is once again held in person just like last year, although this time with full capacity and with several surprises for those attending.

In addition to the show “Bien Argentino” by Ángel Carabajal from Oncativa with important guests, the longest salami in the country will be presented. Ré specified that the chacinado will be cut and distributed among the 2,000 attendees expected on Sunday at the community lunch to be held at the Club Unión de Oncativo.

Meanwhile, in the vicinity of the Union Club there will be an open-air exhibition of entrepreneurs who will show the products of the industries that are produced in that city.

One of the attractions of the 48th edition of this event that is part of the tourist calendar will undoubtedly be the longest salami in the country, since Oncativo broke the record again, this time achieving a sausage of 151.70 meters. The same will be cut and free tooth can be tasted at the community lunch on Sunday, August 14.

Oncativo: the National Homemade Salami Festival kicks off on Saturday • Channel C