This afternoon, the newspaper THE NATION published an article about a situation that the Emblematic school is experiencing. Parents of students request the resignation of the legal representative and president of the Civil Association of the establishment, Sergio Dario Badinofor hitting a 12-year-old student, was also charged with assaulting others.

According to a statement issued by the parents, the incident occurred last Wednesday, players from the Talleres and Belgrano de Córdoba clubs visited the school as part of the solidarity campaign “Your booties continue to play.”

As issued; “Students of the institution were verbally and physically assaulted by Sergio Darío Badino, current legal representative of the institution and president of the Civil Association -says the statement-. badino he hit an elementary school boy in the chest with his closed fist, falling to the ground. while to others he yelled at them, insulted and pushed, several falling to the ground, all minors. Children and adolescents witnessed the situation, which exempts us from further comment and evidence in this regard.”

In conversation with LA NACIÓN, Esteban, father of the assaulted child, recounted that his son got up to ask them for an autograph and “all the others followed him.” “My son explained to me that I was about to shake his hand and” Mr. Badino comes and he pushed me to the ground. With a clenched fist he threw me. I couldn’t breathe, I went to look for the vice principal to call you“.

However, the college called the family saying that “he had fallen and was nervous”, the young man needed the “rescue” medication he takes because he is asthmatic under treatment.

He acted immediately, Esteban continued his story “When we went with my wife, they minimized everything, they indicated that the man was separating the boys. My son repeated, in front of him, that he had hit him. The next day I went to talk to the director; He apologized to me, but I insisted that he did not accept them because it is It is unacceptable for this to happen in a school. I asked that, at least, they go to the course to apologize to everyone and especially to my son; They went and the man offered to get them the autograph of the players so that the situation would pass.”

Given what happened; the families “made the corresponding complaints before public bodies” and a complaint was filed with the Investigation Prosecutor of District 4 Turn 2. According to what the parents wrote, “the educational community as a whole received a School statement without response on concrete measures and actions that they report on the activation of administrative and legal mechanisms and devices”, On the part of the school, they still maintain that the child “fell” and “they do not know what happened”

families of students of initial, primary and secondary level of the Dante Alighieri parity school “require the corresponding agencies to sanction and separate” to the person involved.

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