The governor of the province, Juan Schiaretti, today inaugurated the Alta Gracia SME Industrial Park, the fifth in the region. During his speech, the president highlighted the infrastructure works that were carried out so that the creation of this new industrial park could be possible, such as the new electric power substation and the water treatment plant that guarantees water for the city.

In addition, he announced that with the approval of the park by the Province, the industries located there will have access to tax benefits and subsidies for labor and energy consumption. “We brought all of this to Alta Gracia because Córdoba needs investments in infrastructure aimed at improving the quality of life of the inhabitants and creating the conditions for production and work”, stressed the governor.

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The president also delivered 8 million pesos as a non-reimbursable contribution for the execution of complementary infrastructure works in the industrial estate, located on the outskirts of the city of Alta Gracia, to the southeast, near Route 5. For his On the other hand, the mayor of Alta Gracia, Marcos Torres Lima, was enthusiastic about the creation of the new industrial park, highlighting thatand “it will help us to create employment, to work together with our businessmen”. In addition, he announced that they are already working together with a private company, the Verdol group, to create another industrial park on the C45 route, with more than 130 hectares.

Gabriela Persticcelli, an executive at Noxion, a textile industry to be installed soon, also spoke, and in this regard said: “We always wanted to be part of this industrial park, exactly this one and not another, that’s why we saw it as impossible and far away for a long time.” “The truth is that for us to be a national industry is not easy, there are many challenges, but when projects like this arise that are so palpable, so tangible and that open the bet, the truth is that we renew our energy, the desire for everything returns and We really believe that yes, that it will be possible”.