This Wednesday, Governor Juan Schiaretti presided over the act of final approval of the Cruz del Eje Industrial Park of Services and Technological Pole. The initiative was managed by the municipality of Cruz del Eje with the aim of promoting the relocation of industries, the generation of local employment and the industrial development of the region.

We are starting up the Cruz del Eje Industrial Park. It is number 46 that the Province enables, because in 2019 we had nine approved parks throughout Córdoba”, expressed the provincial president, and highlighted the importance of trunk gas pipelines for the marked proliferation of these properties. “Industrial parks mean new industries and jobs that are generated in Córdoba. Hence the importance of works that are strategic for the present and future of our Córdoba, such as the trunk gas pipelines”, added the governor.

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In this sense, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mining, Eduardo Accastello, stated that “a strategic step is being taken to start the productive and industrial development of Cruz del Eje”; while highlighting the town as a protagonist “in the challenge of industrializing the region and generating more jobs”.

The industrial park sits on a 13-hectare property, distributed in 35 lots. For its development, an investment in infrastructure of more than 90 million pesos was made, with contributions from the Municipality and the Government of Córdoba. Four industries are installed within the Park: Oliterra, Olivi Hnos., Cruz del Eje Farms and Regionales del Sol. In addition, there is a project underway for the establishment of a fifth company.