This Tuesday the governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiarettiinaugurated the new ProA school building in the city of Marcos Juárez during a ceremony in which he stated that for us education is a priority”.

The educational establishment is oriented in biotechnology, and is fully operational with capacity for 360 students and required an investment of more than 547 million pesos. It has an area of ​​2,575 square meters; six classrooms; three workshops (informatics, info-art and science); a laboratory and a greenhouse. The construction was financed with an international loan from the Deutsche Bank.

“There are no ProA schools like these in other Argentine provinces, which are oriented towards new technologies, which is what has arrived in the world, and which is already a reality throughout the globe.” The governor said that he also recalled that Córdoba already has 41 of this type and another 18 that are similar.

He pointed out that the Province defends education among its priorities, a circumstance that can be seen not only in its schools, but also in the existence of the Educational Ticket “And now we have a new program that is available to all of you, dear students, which is the free Internet so that you can connect with the virtual wallet.”

During the event, he also inaugurated the comprehensive rehabilitation of Provincial Route 12, between Marcos Juárez and the town of Inriville, on Provincial Route 6, for a total length of 28 kilometers. To improve accessibility to the new Marcos Juárez ProA school, Deán Funes boulevard was paved, 600 meters long. This road constitutes the access street to the brand new establishment.

road Provincial paved the internal streets to enter Ipem 209 Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. The improvements also include the comprehensive rehabilitation of the southeast ring road, between the south entrance roundabout and the east entrance roundabout to Marcos Juárez.

The intervened section presented an advanced state of deterioration, with significant longitudinal and transversal deformations.