Governor Juan Schiaretti authorized this Friday the integral sanitation work of Río Cuarto.

The works were tendered in 2020 and include the new sewer collectors in the southern area; the B° Alberdi sewage collection network; the B° Bicentenario pumping station and the basic work of Banda Norte.

Schiaretti highlighted the great progress that works that improve the quality of life of the population have had in Río Cuarto. And he pointed out that other sanitation works are in progress by the Municipality and the Province, which will be completed within a period of time. “Two or three, and it will allow Río Cuarto to reach 92% of its population with sewer service.” “There are no cities of this size in Argentina, in the interior, that have 92% with sewer service; and Río Cuarto is going to achieve that this year”he stressed.

In the south of the city, the purpose was to alleviate the collector that runs through Unión de los Argentinos. There, 1,986 meters of sewage collector of different diameters and 17 manholes were installed. In the Alberdi neighborhood, meanwhile, 11,292 meters of sewage collection network, 1,067 home connections and 61 manholes were built.

The governor also signed the agreement to expand the collection networks of the Los Paraísos neighborhood, a work that will benefit around 1,200 residents and has an execution period of 60 days.

The mayor of Río Cuarto praised the joint work between the Municipality and the Province. “What we have just enabled together with our governor is a work that marks a before and after in the history of Río Cuarto, because it allows the benefit of more than 60,000 families from the collectors that add and complement this station. pumping”, said.