The governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti, continues to advance in his political campaign despite the controversy generated by his possible entry into Together for Change. In the spot, Schiaretti refers to the problems faced by the population, such as the lack of growth, the loss of employment and the difficulty to make ends meet. The governor emphasizes the need to rise up and fight against an exhausted model that only benefits a few and does not take into account the needs of the interior of the country. The video seeks to generate empathy with people who work hard and seek a better future.

Despite the internal discussions in Juntos por el Cambio about his possible incorporation, Schiaretti expressed his desire to compete as a presidential candidate in the PASO within the coalition. The Cordovan governor pointed out that he agrees with leaders such as Gerardo Morales, Facundo Manes and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and considers it important that those who defend the culture of work and want to overcome the rift can compete in primary elections. Schiaretti seeks to form a great front of fronts that has the support of the majority of Argentines.

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Schiaretti’s political future in Together for Change continues to generate debate and tension within the opposition coalition. Meanwhile, he continues to promote his vision and proposals through his campaign, seeking to consolidate his position as a presidential candidate and offering alternatives to face the country’s economic and social challenges.