The candidate for president of We do for our country, Juan Schiaretti led a meeting in the Rural Society of the city of Río Cuarto. There, he was accompanied by the national deputy, Carlos Gutiérrezwhich heads the list for the renewal of the Chamber of Deputies; John Brugge, which ranks third; and the parliamentary candidate ParlaSur for Córdoba, Francisco Fortune.

In the event and with the presence of agricultural producers, businessmen, merchants, representatives of intermediate institutions, schiaretti reiterated the need to eliminate withholdings “What Argentina needs is for them to get their foot off the field, and for the withholdings on agricultural exports to end. Withholdings weigh in the GDP almost the same as the electricity subsidy received by sectors that do not need to receive it. You have to eliminate withholdings, you have to do it gradually, but in a short time and as long as residual withholdings remain, they must go to income tax“.

He presidential candidate pointed to economists “I see that many say that it is impossible. It is a lie that retentions cannot be lowered. It has been scientifically studied that for every dollar that is lowered from withholdings, 65 cents are recovered in other taxes. I challenge any economist to explain to us why it is impossible to remove withholdings, do you know why they say that? They say that because as Kirchnerism imposed withholding taxes 20 years ago, they now want us to take them as something natural and something normal. And I reiterate, it is not natural or normal for there to be withholdings on exports, because it does not apply to any country in our America, or Europe, or Asia.”

He Governor of Cordoba I point out that “The management model that we have in Córdoba, the way we Cordovans manage ourselves, is a way that has been successful and we want to take this management model to the nation, because if it was successful in Córdoba and we were able to do it in Córdoba, we can also do it in the Nation”.

“It is time for Argentina to resume the culture of production and work, resume federalism, resume the agenda of being a normal country and put an end to this damn crack once and for all” added.

schiaretti He also referred to the inflationary rise in recent months and invited to compare himself with the South American countries “Let’s compare ourselves with our neighbors who have an inflation level that is less than 10% per year, how can that not be the objective of Argentina? How is it not possible that we can do it here in Argentina?

“Argentina has to advance to a free and single exchange rate. Because we don’t have to look for a comparison of normality, not with the most developed countries on the planet, let’s compare ourselves with our neighbors, who have a smaller economy out there, a larger economy out there than what we have in Argentina.” sumo the presidential candidate.

“You know that I promoted the front of fronts, unfortunately some of the sectors that make up Cambiemos, and who are the cultists of the damn crack, opposed it being done. I think there is a new opportunity to consider this and I think that this new opportunity is after October 22, after the first round is over. There we can once again resume the possibility of having a program that we had already begun to outline and proposing a government of national unity and a coalition government that gives it the institutional political support that the next president of Argentina will need to carry out these tasks. And I think that we can contribute a lot to that” concluded.