Governor Juan Schiaretti made an inspection visit today to mark the end of the expansion work of the transit distributor located in the southern arc of Circunvalación avenue, in the city of Córdoba. This important improvement is located at the intersection with Avenida Valparaíso – Camino San Antonio. The completion of this work marks the end of the refurbishment works of all the distributors of the Circunvalación, whose main objective is to improve the flow of traffic on this strategic avenue in the provincial capital.

The execution of this work was carried out by the concessionaire of the Access Network to Córdoba (RAC), Caminos de las Sierras. The works included the construction of new loops, the readjustment of the branches of right turns, the doubling of Valparaíso avenue in the area that crosses over the Circunvalación, the construction of a new bridge parallel to the existing one, the readjustment of the existing bridge, the construction of roundabouts at intersections with collectors, as well as drainage and road safety works.

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During his tour, Governor Schiaretti highlighted the importance of this work to alleviate traffic congestion in the area: “It is a very important project because two million cars pass through here every year and there is great congestion at rush hour. In short, we have done what is necessary so that there is more tranquility, more comfort and better communication between those who are on one side of the Circunvalación avenue and those who are on the other side, and also for those who, without living in this area, permanently pass through here”.

The total investment in this distributor amounted to 2,700 million pesos and was fully financed by the company Caminos de las Sierras through the collection of tolls. This work is part of a strategic investment plan carried out by Caminos de las Sierras during the years 2022 and 2023, which includes the readjustment of the five most conflictive Circunvalación distributors for traffic, as well as the construction of an overpass in the Armada Argentina avenue area (Villa El Libertador neighborhood).

With the completion of the works in these six critical points, it is expected to improve connectivity and expedite traffic on the Circunvalación, providing motorists with a more efficient travel experience. In addition, Caminos de las Sierras will continue working in the coming months on the paving of 15 kilometers of collectors on Avenida Circunvalación, as part of the complementary works to close the ring road, build a third lane in the direction of traffic, new bridges and the readaptation of the distributors.