The governor of the province of Córdoba Juan Schiaretti toured this Thursday the urbanization works carried out in the San Miguel and Villa Forchieri neighborhoods in the town of Unquillo, in the Colon department. The initiative is part of the Provincial Urbanization Plan that complies with Law 10,738 of the urbanization and ownership regularization program of popular neighborhoods.

The Provincial Urbanization Plan aims to contribute to improving the quality of life through actions that strengthen community-social cohesion, urban integration with the rest of the city and social inclusion. The infrastructure provision project it is finished and contemplated the intervention of 50 hectares, benefits 750 families and meant an investment of $827,387,963.

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The interventions aim to achieve the improvement and expansion of social equipment, infrastructure, access to services, the treatment of free and public spaces, the elimination of urban barriers, the improvement of accessibility and connectivity, sanitation and environmental mitigation, the strengthening of family economic activities, parcel redimensioning, tenure security and ownership regularization of families living in the neighborhoods.

“It is a great joy to see that the work has been carried out, to see the joy of the neighbors because their lives have improved. With the ditch, the sidewalk, and the lighting, it has now become a serious neighborhood, and that is satisfying. We carry out the large infrastructure works so that there can be more production and work, and also the works that have to do with social promotion, such as these urbanizations” Schiaretti said.


During his tour of Unquillo, the governor visited the San Miguel dining room. He was accompanied by Mayor Jorge Fabrissin; the elected mayor Guillermo Vali; the Minister of Habitat and Family Economy, Laura Jure; and legislator Carlos Presas.