In a series of statements given to Clarín, Governor Juan Schiaretti spoke about his political strength, his aspirations, and strongly criticized other leaders. According to the presidentAlberto Fernández made the country worse”.

Facing the elections, Schiaretti expressed that he wants “a country where there is common sense, which is what we have in Córdoba.” In that sense, he called for an end to the crack and assured that the candidates of his party were selected based on “the central points”.

In addition, the governor stated: “We are going to go in depth with our space, proposing to society the need for Argentina to return to being a normal country: to use common sense, where whoever thinks differently is not an enemy, a country where you believe that in production and employment. With crack It’s going to go wrong for us.”

Although the candidacies have not yet been defined, Schiaretti specified that his space will be made up of leaders such as Juan Manuel Urtubey, Florencio Randazzo and Governor Alberto Rodríguez Saá.