Juan Schiaretti, the governor of the province of Córdoba and candidate for president of Argentina, has addressed a letter to the Argentine people in which he expresses his vision for the country. Schiaretti wishes to speak from an Argentina that recovers its splendor, highlighting the importance of having a political class that lives up to the aspirations of society and of turning individual achievements into an ecosystem of talent, creativity, collaboration and innovation. He acknowledges the current difficult context, characterized by a long crisis that has weakened the country in different aspects.

In the letter, Schiaretti also mentions the challenges facing Argentina, such as high inflation, child poverty and economic stagnation. He highlights the deterioration of educational quality and the presence of criminal activities that undermine the foundations of society in large areas of the country. Given this scenario, the governor emphasizes the need to act and assumes the moral and political responsibility to lead in difficult times. He sees crises as a call to action, not an excuse for inaction.

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Schiaretti proposes to get out of the logic of antagonism and self-destruction that has prevailed in Argentina since 2008, and rejects extremism as a solution. He presents himself as part of a generation that has sought an alternative path in the province of Córdoba, highlighting achievements in the educational, technological, agricultural, infrastructural and road fields during his administration. He affirms that the way out of the current situation in the country is not to deepen the rift, but to unite in a new spirit based on values ​​such as merit, peace, austerity, work, production and federalism.