Conditioned by the fragility of the provincial alliance, Juntos por el Cambio puts pressure on the governor of Córdoba Juan Schiaretti to set the date on which the local elections will take place and not advance them. Through a formal letter, the Radical Civic Union (UCR), the Republican Proposal (PRO) and the local Civic Front demand that the president comply with the electoral law and communicate his election at the beginning of the Legislative Period of December 1. February.

“It is essential for the participants in the democratic contest, to know when they vote, in order to prepare their programs, candidates and electoral campaign, according to the date”reads a fragment of the statement issued by the political group.

Hours before the start of the Legislative Period, Francisco Fortuna, president of the pro-government bench, spoke with channel C and confirmed the news: Schiaretti will not say tomorrow the date of the elections.

In no way will there be a reference to the electoral dates. This is established in the provincial legislation, which clearly states that between 60 and 180 days before the end of this mandate, on December 10, 2023, it is foreseen with a decree that 90 days before, what will be the date of the election,” argued the official.

In addition, Fortuna recommended that opposition politicians “read the current legislation.” “The law is what is in force”, he closed

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