The Governor of Córdoba will be the guest speaker at the Working Lunch carried out by Fundación Mediteránea. This Monday, May 16, at 1:00 p.m., the president will speak at the traditional lunch on the guidelines of his provincial management.

Once again the meeting will take place at the Holiday Inn Hotel in the provincial capital, where the national political and economic scenario will be addressed, within the framework of the lunch where businessmen and economists from all over the country were invited.

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On the other hand, on Tuesday the governor will also be one of the speakers in the Malba auditorium at the Institutions for Development conference organized by Grupo Clarín. In this fourth edition, Schiaretti will speak within the framework of the second panel under the title: “Rule of law for investment”.

These are some of the activities and presentations that Governor Schiaretti will carry out in the national economic political arena, ahead of next year’s provincial and national elections.

Schiaretti will speak today at the Mediterranean Foundation • Channel C